Why Precious Metals?

Learn more about the oldest investment strategy


an impending debt crisis

The US debt is over $20 Trillion. Most days, the FDIC has about $25 Billion on hand, but US Banks have an excess of $9 Trillion in insured deposits. This means the FDIC ‘safety net’ is scarcely prepared to protect the assets of every US citizen.

The 2018 US budget included another $4 Trillion in debt. Under the guise of preventing further financial hemorrhaging from the financial system collapse of 2008, the president and Congress have been selling out the future of the country. These financial policies are mortgaging the nation’s future and putting American liberties at risk.

protect your assets

Your wealth is not safe as just a number in a computer.

The US is responsible for 47% of all bank card fraud worldwide, and cyber crime is at an alltime high. In 2018, 25% of all malicious malware was targeted at financial services.

Precious Metals have inherent value, bought and sold in a non-volatile market without exploitative regulations or hidden transaction fees.

Hold your savings in your own hands. We don’t believe in far away vaults for storing precious metals.

Free your finances

Traditional investment and retirement plans are riskier than you may believe.

You have the right to convert your retirement accounts, including SEP, and 403(b) into metals you can keep at home. We are happy to assist you through this simple, secure and safe process.