Unreported World News keeps its readers informed about those people and entities who are making an impact on national and world economies and politics. The emphasis is always on events that are either not reported or are skewed by the mainstream media.

In order to make sound financial decisions, Unreported World News understands that knowledge is vital and wisdom is imperative; therefore we research and we pray for wisdom as we endeavor to always relate the truth about the world and times in which we live. 

A distinctive element of Unreported World News is that we correlate world events and Biblical prophecy. UWN contains information and analysis from veteran eschatologist, Anne Trimble. Eschatology is a big name for the theology of the end times. Anne began her formal studies of the end times over 30 years ago when she attended Dallas Theological Seminary. Anne’s understanding has evolved since those seminary days and is explained in her book, Faith Through The Flames.

Unreported World News was started as a news website in April, 2009. Anne used this website to post the most current news about the ponzi scheme run by Larry Bates and FAMC. It contains years of Anne’s research, including what she calls the economic piece to the end times puzzle.