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We also have unquestioned integrity. Anne personally played a crucial role in bringing down the fraud-soaked empire of Larry Bates and FAMC, supposedly the tenth largest metals company at the time. Anne worked for First American Monetary Consultants for several months until she realized Bates was fleecing his clients to the tune of millions of dollars. Bates was convicted in US Federal Court in June, 2017 and was sentenced to 21 years in prison and fined $21 million dollars. As one client said, “Anne you did it!” Well, God did it. 



At Real Money USA, we believe metals are your money, not just an investment. When the next stock market crash comes, and it will, you will have money created back in the early days of man, and explained in the Bible’s book of Genesis. Clients can make informed decisions because of the service we provide. 

Your time discussing your financial needs with one of our Consultants will help give you peace of mind that you are not just being sold precious metals; you will know you have the right metals for you. 

Real Money USA continues to be a full service company for our clients. When it comes time to trade your metals for the new money the government creates to replace the dollar because it is worthless, or if an inflated dollar is used, we will be your go-to company to trade your metals for paper money. This is very important because the price of trades will soar when this happens. However, our clients will receive a discounted rate because you bought your metals from us. The policy remains constant even if you need paper money before the crash. Anytime you need a trade, we are here for you.

In addition, you will be given complimentary access to our news emails, keeping you informed of the underground economic and political news that the Real Money USA staff studies. Our researchers help to keep you one step ahead of the world news because our sources are not mainstream news. Anne and Real Money USA have been ahead of the rest with this news for 10 years. 

It doesn’t get any better. You’ll see!



Whether you are A Newbie or Investor Tycoon, we specialize in converting your retirement accounts, including SEP, and 403(b) into metals you keep at home. We assist many clients through the simple, secure and safe process. We do not believe in far-away vaults for storage. Our research indicates that retirement account confiscation is foremost on the government’s plan when the next crash comes. Well-known economists agree, now is the time to take possession of your retirement accounts. They go so far as to say get any amounts of money out of banks now because when the crash occurs, banks will close and your money will be lost.


We truly care about our clients. They have seen how owning metals has given them real, hard assets that will always be valuable. No longer do they worry about the unforeseen market shifts that can wipe out unprotected accounts. Our clients have peace of mind. Read More…


Under the guise of preventing further global hemorrhaging from the financial-system collapse of 2008, the president and Congress have been selling out the future of the country. Using monetary policies, like the 2018 budget that included another $4 Trillion in US debt, these policies in effect, are mortgaging the nation’s future and putting American liberties at risk. 

While Washington wins public acquiescence with scare tactics and buys votes with promises of new benefits, politicians are mounting the national debt to levels that are already unsustainable.




The answer is simple. You can begin today to move some of your investments from paper assets to precious metals; the only known hedge to paper money. Metals are a tangible asset – you will own the real, physical metal, that will only rise significantly in value when the paper money becomes totally worthless with the coming economic downturn projected to be much worse than 2008. Metals can be exchanged or traded as the industry calls it, for paper currency in both good and bad times and meet a strategic need to protect your purchasing power. 

Every American should know that the FDIC is broke. The FDIC is just a written “guarantee” that the government will repay your paper money when the banks eventually fail. Just consider Greece, Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina to name a few countries, and you will understand what happens when a government defaults on its debt. The US federal debt alone is over $22 Trillion. Combined corporate, personal, state, local government and US debit is over $200 Trillion. How can this debt ever be repaid? It cannot.

Precious metals are God’s safe haven for the money he has entrusted to you. As founder and President of Real Money USA, Anne has had a stellar career as a precious metals dealer. She has extensive experience in monetary, IRA and former 401(k) metals transactions. She has taught her Consultants how to help you find money you may not even realize you have, so you can protect every cent you can. Contact us now and get yourself protected with God’s money, precious metals.

Real Money USA directed its clients into non-correlated precious metals, so instead of losing money in 2008 when the Dow and NASDAQ dropped 40%, Real Money USA clients made 40% with metals.



Unreported World News keeps its readers informed about those people and entities who are making an impact on national and world economies and politics. The emphasis is always on events that are either not reported or are skewed by the mainstream media.

In order to make sound financial decisions, Unreported World News understands that knowledge is vital and wisdom is imperative; therefore we research and we pray for wisdom as we endeavor to always relate the truth about the world in which we live, to Bible prophecy.

A distinctive element of Unreported World News is that we correlate world events and Biblical prophecy. UWN contains information and analysis from veteran eschatologist, Anne Trimble and other guest writers. Eschatology is a big name for the theology of the end times. Anne began her formal studies of the end times over 30 years ago when she attended Dallas Theological Seminary. Anne’s understanding has evolved since those seminary days and is explained in her book, Faith Through The Flames.

Unreported World News was started as a news website in April, 2009. Anne used this website to post the most current news about the ponzi scheme run by Larry Bates and FAMC, First American Monetary Consultants. It contains years of Anne’s research, including what she calls the economic piece to the end times puzzle.