The answer is simple. You can begin today to move some of your investments from paper assets to precious metals; the only known hedge to paper money. Metals are a tangible asset – you will own the real, physical metal, that will only rise significantly in value when the paper money becomes totally worthless with the coming crash of the stock market. Metals can be exchanged for goods and services in both good and bad times and meet a strategic need to protect your purchasing power. 

Every American should know that the FDIC is broke. The FDIC is just a written “guarantee” that the government will repay your paper money when the banks eventually fail. Just consider Greece, Brazil, Venezuela and you will understand what happens when a government defaults on its debt. The US debt is over $20 Trillion. Combined corporate, personal and US debit is over $200 Trillion. How can this debt ever be repaid? It cannot.

Precious metals are God’s safe haven for the money he has entrusted to you. As founder and President of Real Money USA, Anne has had a stellar career as a precious metals dealer. She has extensive experieince in monetary, IRA and former 401(k) metals transactions. She has taught her Consultants  how to help you find money you may not even realize you have, so you can protect every cent you can. Contact us now and get yourself protected with God’s money, precious metals.

Real Money USA directed its clients into non-correlated precious metals, so instead of losing money in 2008 when the Dow and NASDAQ dropped 40%, Real Money USA clients made 40% with metals.