Man's Debt v. God's Money

Archived Post from September 17, 2012 by Anne Trimble 

Here is what you will learn more about in Anne’s book, Gold, Silver, Money and Your Future: A Biblical View of Real Money: The global monetary system is collapsing, and so are Americans’ household finances, because we are resisting God’s plan and paradigm for the very idea of money. From the beginning of time, God has made it clear that gold and silver are His preferred storehouses of monetary value. Jesus emphasized the importance of separating ourselves from Caesar’s financial system. You’ll understand when you read the book. And yet, today man has fallen into total dependence on a “debt-money” system that is completely divorced from what God wants for us. The consequences of this wrong turn are felt everywhere from household budgets to Christian financial planning to the American church. For you and your family, the best way to “opt out” of this financial house of cards is to invest in precious metals, gold and silver instruments that are a part of God’s money system – and that remain suspect to the lords of man’s doomed debt-money apparatus. Real Money USA can help you make the transition.

You can obtain the book on this website as your first step toward gaining a complete understanding of this crucial dynamic of our present woes. Or you can order it from us by calling 866-966-0177.