America Has Become a Food Stamp Nation

Archived Post from March 26, 2013 by Anne Trimble 

It got some attention during last fall’s presidential campaign, but one of the biggest signs of America’s decay seems to get barely mentioned these days. Apparently that’s because it is just one of many ugly economic tears in the increasingly tattered fabric of what America used to be and represent. This is unfathomable if you really think about it: More than 47 million Americans, in a population of 315 million, are on food stamps – a record number, and about half as many more as the 32 million who were receiving food stamps when President Barack Obama took office in early 2009. Another way of looking at this number: During Obama’s first term, the number of persons taking food stamps increased by more than 11,000 per day, as noted by columnist Neil Asbury. Think about that: In a nation that once was the most prosperous the world had ever known, about one-sixth of its people depend on government assistance just to get enough food in their mouths for each day. It’s a very sober marker of just how quickly the U.S. economy and our way of life has deteriorated – a situation that is about to get much, much worse. When GOP candidate Mitt Romney would bring up the travesty of the explosion of the food-stamp rolls during the campaign last fall, the president batted it away as just another legacy of the Bush years that he simply hadn’t been able to overcome yet because of the opposition of those nasty Republicans to tax increases that would allow him to cut the budget deficit — or something like that. Romney was hesitant to exploit another available avenue on the food-stamp issue – that it was a form of “soft,” or institutional, racism – even on the part of a black president — because food-stamp recipients skew black and Hispanic. But timidly, perhaps because he thought it would do him more harm than good, the Republican candidate never went down that road. The most recent wrinkle on this issue perhaps is the most damning of all: America, in its swift economic decline, is finding a way to extend food-stamp dependency to yet another generation, to a still-broadening demographic: Millennials. Yes, college students are among the increasing numbers of people relying on food stamps, as tuition rates have continued to skyrocket and financial aid has fallen. Parents who once were able to support them have lost homes, jobs or both and have become ineligible for college loans for their children. So twenty-somethings, like the rest of us, increasingly are having to fend for themselves. Get used to it. Things are only going to get worse – for food-stamp recipients, and for all of us. With the total of America’s debt and commitments to ourselves and the rest of the world, including China, totaling some $200 trillion now, it’s only a matter of time before we end up like Cyprus, with a collapsing, near-authoritarian federal government confiscating our savings accounts and other assets in the name of preserving the nation. Don’t allow yourselves to get caught on the bottom of this financial pile-up. Convert your disposable household assets as soon as you can to God’s money: gold and silver coins and other investment interests. Call us at Real Money USA, at 866-966-0177, or e-mail us at