What Kind of President Will Trump Be? You Don’t Need to Worry

Archive Blog from October 27, 2016 by Anne Trimble

Americans tempted to think that the election of Donald Trump will restore our economy are going to end up bitterly disappointed. And one of the reasons has come in a new reminder from India, of all places, about how the globalist power structure will battle any efforts to relax their grip on the financial world. Sure, Trump’s victory is a finger in the eye to the financial powers that gave us the crash of 2008 and that will bring about an even bigger calamity in the months ahead. Ironically, it took a non-politician billionaire to unsettle them. But for signs of what lay ahead for this country, just look to India. The government there threw its cash economy into turmoil earlier this month by announcing that 500- and 1,000-rupee notes would cease to be legal tender and would have to be deposited at banks by year-end, leaving only about one-seventh of India’s currency in circulation! The Indian government’s excuse was that there was too much cash available for money laundering and tax evasion. According to Bloomberg, unaccounted money makes up nearly one-fourth of the Indian economy. And did you hear about what Citibank has done in Australia? Less than a week after India’s surprise move, Citibank announced that it is going ashless at some of its Australian branches. That occurred just before banking giant UBS proposed that eliminating Austria’s $100 and $50 bills would be “good for the economy and good for banks.” We expect the U.S. government to move us a step closer to a cashless American society in the coming months as well. Under the Obama administration, the federal government already has made rumblings about seizing assets from bank accounts if necessary. Regardless of a new president, we believe that elimination of the $100 U.S. Federal Reserve note may come next. The globalists won’t be dissuaded from orchestrating the crash of man’s debt-money system even by a U.S. presidential election. How can you, as an individual, protect yourself from the mayhem that is coming as the world, including America, moves to a cashless society – as prophesied, by the way, in Revelation? The only way is to turn to God’s Money, gold and silver coinage, which provides the only true protection against financial calamity as long as God keeps this ol’ world around. Request an appointment at RealMoneyUSA or call 866-966-0177 for assistance in how to make the transition.