Trust Me on Natural Health As You Trust Me on Precious Metals

Archive Blog from February 18, 2016 by Anne Trimble 

One big reason my clients listen to my advice is that they trust me. They’ve found that, when it comes to protecting their financial assets during difficult economic times, they can trust me to help them use God’s Money to get them through.

Many of my clients also know that I’m a long-time eschatologist and that God has blessed me with the ability to analyze world events and interpret them in the context of the end of times. Put these gifts together, and you can understand why I’m able to help people through this troubling era.

Now I’m asking you to extend your trust to me in another area: healthy living. I am going to begin adding natural-medicine survival remedies to what we do here at RealMoneyUSA, and for one simple reason: I’ve used them to survive myself.

I’ve become a firm believer in natural medicine. That is because—as many of you already know—nearly two years ago I was a victim in a serious car crash. The collision literally left my brain rattled, but it took more than 17 months of daily migraine headaches and many other awful symptoms for any doctor to figure out the true extent of my injuries, and what to do about them.

Doctors did finally figure out that my cranial bones had been severely displaced and that this serious concussion had greatly disrupted the flow of my cranial fluids, among other things. They probed and even drilled to put my cranial bones back into place. These doctors in Southern California had given me my life back. They also put me on a new natural product and I began to recovery truly and improve my cognitive functioning and mental endurance to the point where, today, I’m beginning to feel normal again.
This product is Keto//OS, a ketone supplement that gives someone the benefits of “ketosis”—a metabolic process in which the body breaks down stored fats for energy—without having to be in nutritional ketosis.

It has helped me so much that I wanted you to be aware of it. And in another post soon, I’ll explain more about it.

In any event, the challenges I’ve undergone over the last couple of years, as I desperately tried to pull my mind from the fog enveloping it after the accident, made me realize that I can be a trusted source of advice for you on natural health as well as on God’s Money. So expect more of that from me.

In the meantime, for advice about how to interpret today’s stock-market gyrations, global economic angst and other symptoms of the crumbling of man’s debt-money financial system, contact us for information about God’s Money, gold and silver coins, at or 866-966-0177. You can also use this same email address to contact us about Keto//OS.