Super Bowl Ads Were Only Half Right About Financial Insecurities

Archive Blog from February 8, 2016 by Anne Trimble 

We could see at least two very insecure groups of people during the Super Bowl 50 broadcast Sunday night: the Carolina Panthers offense, and American consumers.

At least, if you watched the commercials for three different brands that bothered to buy spots during the Big Game, you got the idea that the ordinary people of this country are feeling pretty jittery about their finances – or at least they should be.

And while each company sort of got some things right in paying $5 million for every 30 seconds of Super Bowl air time–because they tapped into the insecurities that we’re all feeling–they badly missed the mark when it came to understanding the real reasons we’re all feeling financial stress.

“Financial stress” was, in fact, the theme of an ad by first-time Super Bowl advertiser SunTrust, a national financial-services brand based in Atlanta. But while acknowledging that we all feel the financial willies these days, the point of the ad seemed to be that Americans only need more financial education – about household budgeting, and so on, which SunTrust is offering – to feel more financially secure and better-directed.

For Quicken Mortgage, based in Detroit, the idea of advertising in the Super Bowl was to persuade Americans to use a mobile-phone app to apply for a Rocket-brand mortgage through Quicken. It is so easy to do that, the ad suggested, that a surge in online mortgage applications through Quicken might economically revitalize the whole country.

And then there was PayPal. The company that invented reputable online payments compared the “New Money” of digital transactions with the “Old Money” of cash, precious metals and tangible assets, suggesting that it was time for us to let “New Money” – which operates around the clock without the strictures of the physical world – take over from “Old Money.”

But here was the problem with all of the ads, put together. These brands correctly diagnosed that the people of America are feeling insecure about the current world of paper money, debt-money, based on the wobbly system of the rickety finances of the world’s major financial powers. That is so true.

Yet you can’t expect Super Bowl advertisers to know or admit to the truth: All of the financial insecurity they’re describing, and the fascination with electronic transactions, are only aspects of the global debt-money system that is facing the danger of total annihilation by today’s worldwide financial stresses, which are being amplified by the hour.

PayPal, SunTrust and Quicken Mortgage aren’t the answers if you’re looking for relief from the financial indigestion you’re feeling. The only relief is in turning your paper-money assets into God’s Money, precious metals in the form of gold and silver. They are the only currency guaranteed by God in the Bible to pass the test of time.

And here at RealMoneyUSA, we can figure out how to translate those queasy feelings you were experiencing while watching Super Bowl ads into financially smart, spiritually wise moves into God’s Money that will provide the only real defense for your households during worsening times.

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