Islam Also is a Major Player in End Times

Archive Blog from December 15, 2015 by Anne Trimble 

Terrorist attacks by Muslims on the West, from San Bernardino to Paris, are frightening enough because of the bloodshed involved and because it’s pretty clear that jihadists are going to keep targeting us, as our political leadership does virtually nothing of a serious nature to stop them.

And, of course, President Obama won’t even acknowledge that Islam is motivating these evil men and women.

But you might be surprised to understand that Islamic terrorism, and how it has targeted Christianity, takes on an even deeper level of dread because of the specific role that Islam will play in the end times.

Traditional Bible prophecy teachers haven’t taught that Islam will play a significant role in how the end of days plays out, preferring over the last several decades to look at things through a more political lens that gives Russia, for instance, a great role in the runup to Armageddon.

But my own research over the last decade has clued me in to the fact that Islam indeed will play a key role as God winds down the church age, both spiritually and materially.

And it all boils down to one key reason: Both Islam and Judaism, and by extension Christianity, come out of the lineage of Abraham. His first son, Ishmael, was cast out and produced the lineage of humanity that established Islam in the Seventh Century.

But the Israelites came from Isaac. And as gentile Christians, our lineage is through Isaac. That is why Muslims hate both Jews and Christians, and why Islam is unfolding as a major player in the end times.

Let’s be clear: God sent Ishmael away. He was born out of Abraham’s lack of faith in God, the son born of sin. But Isaac was the son of Abraham and Sarah, and Jesus came from this lineage.

Also, let’s be clear about something else: There is no such thing as “radical” versus non-radical Islam; Obama and so many others are absolutely wrong that the faith of the terrorists is somehow a “perversion” of a religion that otherwise is peace-loving.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The Koran clearly teaches that, to get Allah’s approval, “infidels,” non-believers – we as Christians, and others – must be annihilated. Period. The entire religion is radical in that way.

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