Isis Terrorism and the End Times

Archive Blog from July 15, 2016 by Anne Trimble 

As I have mentioned in my introduction to the VIP Insider’s subscription service, there is certain information I will no longer share publicly. I am above the political radar for political things I have written, so it makes me uncomfortable for my family and myself to say what the Lord truly wants me to say to the church.

Future information that I deem urgent, yet private, will have to be in the VIP Insider’s subscription if you want to know it. It will be updated often and subscribers will receive emails weekly.

For almost 40 years now, I have seen what is coming and have reported it before others in the church even had a clue; it’s because of my gift. While it is still up, you can hear a word the Lord gave me through my Pastor, Robert Morris of Gateway Church here in Southlake, TX, that I have an audio version of on

Pastor Robert didn’t know me at all when he said these things to me. It was a word of encouragement He was led to share with me. He confirms my prophetic gift and he tells me to be bold and says that people should listen to me.

I pray every church leader would listen to that word from the Lord and begin and continue to listen to me so they can help their church members. This has nothing to do with me, this is a gift the Lord has given me, that means I see what is coming before others do, and I understand the prophetic significance for His church.

By His grace, I have chosen to be obedient to share what He puts on my heart even when it scares me; I cling to Him. And He uses others in the body to support me. Now, others in the body have this gift, too; I am just explaining why I want to start saying more privately.

Here is the take I have as I’ve prayed about what is happening in this country at this time. In an upcoming post I will share the economic significance of terrorism.

If you’ve never heard of a false flag I will tell you what one is: the Deep State, as the New World Order is now being called, creates a crisis so they can bring in their solution. The Deep State is the political piece to the end time’s puzzle. The Antichrist will (most likely) emerge from the Deep State.

You are watching the increase in Islamic terrorism partly unfold through the racial strife in this country, including those words being used by President Obama. This is all no accident. The Deep State (being used by God), is creating a crisis so all the “sheep” look to the government for the upcoming solution.

Fox News Analyst, Bill O’Reilly has verified on his website and reporting that President Obama is a Muslim. This is the reason Obama wanted to take his oath of Office on the Koran along with the Bible. Why else would Obama be so lenient to the forces that are intent on destroying us: ISIS?

Wednesday I met with a client, and her son attended the meeting. The young man understood and agreed with everything I was telling his mother who was a tad skeptical that the US economy will be taken down as part of the Deep State’s plan to bring total ruin to this country. It was encouraging to have him add information, including about ISIS, to the conversation; information that I usually keep to myself. Thank God the young man gets it!

God says, “my people perish for lack of knowledge,” in Hosea 4:6. If you really want to know why the sniper killed the Dallas police, and what some of the upcoming plans are to take this country down using ISIS, then you must subscribe to the VIP Insider’s report. This is the only place where I will be giving specific details that my research and God’s confirmation shows me is unfolding. The client meeting was a confirmation from God for me; the young man and I had extremely deep fellowship totally unplanned.

May each of you be drawing near to God because as James says, then He will draw near to you. As ISIS struck Nice, France just last night, watch what President Obama says about calling it radical Islamic terrorism. ISIS is the Muslim emergence that had to occur in these last days. Islam’s official teaching, also believes we are living in the last days. They are looking for the arising of the 12th Imam Mahdi who will also rule for seven years and bring about a complete Arab rule to the world, or so the Koran teaches.

I want you to know that I wrote this article when I felt like I was supposed to write a post tonight and asked the Lord what to write about. I wrote the entire post, (not including the brief part above about Nice). Then when I was finished writing it, I went and turned on Fox News Channel and learned about the Nice terrorist attack. This is just the way the Lord works when we walk and hear His still small voice.

What is the Lord saying to you? Please email me at and let me know. I want this to be a sharing within the remnant who are hearing His still small voice. Hebrews 10:24-25.