Follow the Disappearing 100 Bill Into the Cashless Society

Archive Blog from February 26, 2016 by Anne Trimble

We’ve understood for centuries that a cashless society would come eventually, because it seems like that’s a requirement for fulfilling the Biblical prophecy in Revelation about how only people bearing “the mark of the Beast” will be able to buy and sell at some point.

And for the last half-century or so, digital technology has been moving us to that point, making it not only possible but—from a commercial and government point of view—almost imperative for the powers that be to eliminate cash altogether.

I don’t want to frighten you too much, but that day is almost here, and two new developments are underscoring just how close it is.

First, we’ve got the world’s central banks threatening to kill our most popular currency denomination, the $100 bill. Their excuse is that eliminating relatively high-value notes, which also include the 1,000 Swiss franc and 500 euro note, would reduce corruption and make life harder for tax evaders, terrorists, drug dealers, financial criminals and human traffickers.

But while that may be true, such a move also would make it more difficult for law-abiding citizens like the rest of us to possess currency too. Just by making it more difficult because we’d have to keep reams of lower-value paper dollars around instead of convenient $100 bills, this move would discourage us from wanting to use cash. And we would all creep one giant step closer to resigning ourselves to an electronic-only system—which is exactly what world powers and, ultimately, Satan, are trying to get us to do.

Even the Wall Street Journal, that guardian of the global financial system, recognized what’s really going on. “By all means people should be able to go cashless if they like,” the newspaper opined. “But it’s hard to avoid the conclusion that the politicians want to bar cash as one more infringement on economic liberty.”

Second, the specter of “negative interest rates” is being used by the secular and financial authorities to justify stripping us of our cash, with the logic that large holdings of cash work against the ability of central banks to implement negative-interest-rate policies.

More on that in my next post. In any event, the drive to strip you of your paper currency, while it still has value, is just one more reason for you to consider leaving man’s debt-money system and coming over to God’s Money: gold and silver coinage of the type that He instituted as his preferred currency from the beginning of time.

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