Financial Bigwigs Know You Don’t Believe Their Lies Anymore

Archive Blog from January 29, 2016 by Anne Trimble 

You know the world is spinning out of the control of its secular masters when they must tell ever-bigger lies, just to keep everyone thinking that if the situation is still worth lying about, maybe it’s not as grave as it seems.

In other words, economists, government officials and others continue to tell us that things aren’t so bad, and things can get better, despite the stock-market swoon since the year started, the collapse of China’s capital markets and the slowdown in its economy, the stalling-out of the U.S. economy and the clear situation in which the world’s financial puppeteers are running out of strings to pull.

Just the very fact that they’re lying tells you there might be a glimmer of hope, right? Otherwise why would they bother? Even though you don’t believe anything they say.

Funny thing is, most Americans see this window dressing for what it is, and have for quite some time. Despite an economy and labor market that the Obama administration keeps telling us is getting better, and much lower gasoline prices that free up more household financial resources every month, Americans are continuing their inclination to pinch pennies. About 91 percent of U.S. consumers are budgeting their money the same as or more than they did in 2014, according to recent research by market-intelligence agency Mintel.

That’s because Americans can sense when they’re being sold a bill of goods even though they can’t quite put a finger on the central lie. And the government and its allied financial interests are telling consumers, taxpayers and citizens that everything is going to be all right financially as long as they can have some confidence to carry the U.S. economy through a current rough patch that is more the fault of other countries than it is our own.

Look down and keep shopping, in other words.

But at Real Money USA, we urge you to look up, stare the truth straight in the face – this economy is collapsing into a mess worse than in 2008 – and do something about it for yourself and your family. Invest your household assets no longer in paper money, that rickety system of finance which these days is supported only by lies, and turn to what we call “God’s Money”: gold and silver, especially in the most valuable and liquid coins.

For more information about how you can make the transition from a quicksand of lies to the bedrock of God’s Money, contact us at or 866-966-0177.