Big Bank Move is Latest Sign That Cash Economy is Endangered

Blog Archive from November 19, 2015 by Anne Trimble Leave a Comment

We’ve been warning for months – nay, years – that big banks and the federal government are continuing to nibble away at the integrity of the funds that you may have deposited in your friendly neighborhood financial institution.

Now comes the latest sign that is very close to home, and very chilling: Apparently, Chase Bank, one of America’s largest, is experiencing a cash shortage that is connected to a larger global shortage of greenbacks.

My sources tell me that on November 1, Chase changed its practice for taking holds off of checks, at least to some degree and with some accounts. So instead of a hold being taken off your check typically in one to two business days, reportedly Chase now is holding these checks for nine or ten business days.

Not only is this horrifically inconvenient and worse for Chase’s clients, and their client’s creditors, but it is one more sign of how major banks are working with the U.S. government and other governments to extend their hold over private paper-money wealth in order to maintain western nations’ massive debt loads and maintain their power structure.
As others also have observed, throughout America, police now are seizing cash from innocent citizens without ever charging them with a crime, just as bankers conspire with the Internal Revenue Service to do similar things, and even the Obama administration and a Republican-controlled Congress are eyeing ways to “go Cyprus” on American citizens with new laws that would make your savings and retirement funds prime targets for confiscation – just because the country “needs” the funds to offset mounting federal budget deficits.

The situation with Chase is the kind of warning sign that we must heed now, because once the confiscation and clamp-down come, it will be too late to take preventive action. The federal government and big banks understandably are reserving a big element of surprise for that move, one whose specifics and timing can’t exactly be anticipated.

So here’s what we’re telling our clients – many of them, the same clients that we advised in 2008 to get out of the debt-money markets before they collapsed, meaning they didn’t lose a penny in the global financial meltdown if they listened to us.

We’re advising our clients and others to shift even more heavily out of paper “wealth” including stocks, bonds and cash and into the only truly safe form of currency that has existed from the beginning of time and until today: God’s Money. That’s what we call gold and silver coins that are the only forms of financial holding which will retain their value through all of the coming gyrations and huge shifts in the global economy and markets.

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