The Value of Diversification

At Real Money USA, we truly care about our clients. They have seen how owning metals has given them real, hard assets that will always be valuable. No longer do they worry needlessly about the unforeseen market shifts that can wipe out unprotected accounts. Our clients have peace of mind no matter the economic climate, and so should you.

Are metals part of your current financial portfolio?  If not, they need to be for a host of reasons. Investing in precious metals is a return to God’s money system, which retains its value in the face of deteriorating world economic conditions.  Precious metals are the only form of real money that will weather any financial storm or economic downturn, and protect your investment against inflation or currency debasement.

The fact is that our nation is facing an economic nightmare and there’s nothing that can be done to correct it.  Our debt problem cannot be fixed by a tax cut, stimulus package, interest rate cut, or any other man-made solution.  The crash that’s coming is inevitable as the stage has already been set for a major crisis.  When this happens, you will see the following:

  • Stock market will fall by 70%.

  • Real estate will plummet by 50%.

  • Savings accounts will be cut in half.

  • Unemployment will triple.

However, you can take steps to protect your finances in the midst of the economic storm, and that’s by investing in metals.

More and more investors are turning to gold, silver and other precious metals as a hedge against extreme economic uncertainty as they understand the value of diversification during times of crisis.   Precious metals play an intricate role in enhancing that diversification as they provide stability, value, and power to investment portfolios.  Precious metals also retain their intrinsic value and provide an asset that protects against major loss in times of economic uncertainty and collapse.

Not all metals are the same as some people tend to think. Metals have certain unique properties which contribute to their increased demand, and add value to your portfolio. However, purchasing the right metals is not as easy as you may think. It requires experts who are knowledgeable in the field.  The best and safest way to diversity your portfolio is to consult with an RMUSA expert who really knows the industry.  We have been trained in all metals, gold, silver, platinum, palladium, bullion, and numismatics.  Our training and expertise allow us to make the best decisions to meet your needs on an individual basis.