Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I own precious metals?

Paper money used to be backed by gold. Our founding fathers knew that if it was just paper it would be worthless. However, in 1971 President Nixon took our money off the gold standard and the US dollar began to become just paper and decline in value. Now a $1 bill is worth 2 cents. Metals, like gold and silvery jewelry have VALUE and they always have since God created them for bartering way back in Genesis 2:12. Precious metals will give you safety, financial security and peace of mind! As the US debt is now over 200 trillion dollars according to Ron Paul, the dollar is just a piece of paper.

Is Real Money USA trustworthy?

You can definitely trust Real Money USA because the owner, Anne Trimble, was responsible for the class-action lawsuit against one of the biggest so-called “Christian” metals dealers in the US, Larry Bates and his Company, FAMC. She exposed his deceitful practices in May of 2009 and, through her blog,, and Real Money USA, helped many, many victims.

What about beginners?

Our company is located in Dallas/Ft Worth and we are a national precious metals company. One of our goals is to help newbies, people who do not know anything about metals, and educate them and then sell them metals as we diversify their portfolio. Our full service consulting & training is very rare in the industry.

Silver or gold: which one to buy?

The only way for me to determine if you should buy silver or gold is to discuss your portfolio with you. Silver is a tremendous value now because it is so low in price. Gold can be an excellent buy if you know what gold to purchase. All metals are NOT the same. This is what we do at Real Money USA, we will help you diversify your purchase to match your individual needs.

What do I do with my retirement accounts?

Real Money USA absolutely helps you protect your IRA, 401k, 402b and other investment plans using precious metals. The government now has plans to control and manage personal retirement accounts, so we recommend taking personal possession of your retirement accounts immediately.

What do you charge?

Our precious metals are totally competitive in the marketplace and we are the lowest-priced consulting company in the industry.

How long will it take to receive my order?

The goal of Real Money USA is to have orders shipped between 1-2 weeks from the order date.